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Leapion laser Participate in China Kitchenware Exhibition

Leapion laser Participate in China Kitchenware Exhibition

On October 26, 2018, the 13th China (Bo Xing) International Kitchenware Festival was grandly opened at the China Smart Kitchen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Shandong Leapion laser (DaTo) actively prepared for the exhibition, carrying the company's high-quality equipment to the Chinese kitchen. International Exhibition Center.
With the development of the kitchenware industry, the development of the enterprise has encountered a "bottleneck", the transformation and upgrading of the kitchenware industry, and the integration between kitchen brands is imminent. As a place for the production of Chinese kitchen utensils, Xingfu Town of Boxing County has developed a large number of excellent kitchen makers in the past 30 years. It is well-known at home and abroad and naturally has the responsibility to set off the banner of the Chinese kitchenware industry. At present, the kitchenware industry is relying on the platform of the International Convention and Exhibition Center to realize the transition from low-end products to high-end fields, from [cooking" to [kitchen".laser
In this exhibition, Leapion laser caters to Boxing's latest products, kitchen technology achievements and new development trend of kitchen utensils, bringing the most intimate and precise laser cutting solutions for kitchen utensils, and actively exchanges and cooperation with entrepreneurs in the kitchen industry. Efforts to write a new chapter in the cooperation between the laser industry and the kitchenware industry.20181029141524q
Leapion laser deeply understands that as the kitchen becomes a trend and trend today, private custom kitchens have also become the development direction of the kitchen industry. This is also a huge challenge for kitchen manufacturers, which means that mass-standard production can only maintain the normal operation of the company. To achieve profitability, it is necessary to take a customized route. As a result, laser cutting is bound to become the threshold for the production process of the kitchen industry. Shandong Xingfu Town, which is known as the Chinese kitchen capital, has a laser cutting machine of about 30% in the kitchen industry. This is a fairly high ownership rate, which shows the importance of laser cutting machines in the kitchen industry.

Leapion Machinery's fiber laser cutting machine for the kitchen industry, with power configuration from 500W to 1000W, can fully meet the production needs of customers, and avoid unnecessary power waste of high-power laser. In the mass production and personalization of the kitchenware industry. Meet the needs of kitchenware companies.2222

Shandong Leapion Machinery has always been committed to providing better laser solutions. We will continue to innovate in the laser field and enhance the intellectual level of national enterprises.

Exhibition wisdom to create a grand plan, create an industry leader.

Leapion laser, with you along the way!

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