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The difference between CNC plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine and water jet cutting machine

The difference between CNC plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine and water jet cutting machine

The difference between CNC plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine and water jet cutting machine

CNC cutters and profiling machines are the same type of thing. They are all named after the control method of the cutting process. That is to say, these are all ways of controlling cutting routes; laser cutting, shears, plasma cutting Machines, and even more primitive oxy-fuel cuts, all refer to the tools used for cutting, or professionally called "cutting media," so these names are not the same thing. First of all, say the CNC cutting machine, this device is simply a hand, use it to "grab" the "cutting medium", and control the cutting direction. Its working principle is: First, program, enter the program into the CNC Cutting machine control system, control system sends forward, backward, left and right instructions to the machine's drive system, and the drive system controls the positive and negative rotation of the motor and the speed, to drive the machine's actions, thereby achieving the torch control. CNC cutting machine is generally equipped with flame cutting torch, plasma cutting torch, laser head, water knife and other cutting media, so there is a CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine (referred to as laser cutting machine), CNC water jet Cutting machine (water knife) and so on. 

CNC plasma cutting machine: According to the plasma power size of the configuration, the cutting thickness range is generally within 0.5~100mm, and very few imported high-power plasma power sources can cut to 100mm. The investment cost of the equipment varies according to the power, brand, etc. of the plasma cutting machine, the price is not equal, the use cost is high, and basically, as long as the conductive material can be cut. 

CNC flame cutting machine: ordinary torch 6 ~ 180mm (up to 250mm), special cutting torch is generally not more than 300mm, of course, can also be customized to a larger, but the general manufacturers do not use. The equipment has the lowest investment cost and the use cost is not high, but the scope of cutting materials is small. 

CNC laser cutting machine: According to the size of the laser generator, the cutting thickness is generally not more than 10mm in the range of 0.1~20mm, otherwise the input cost is too high. The investment cost of the equipment is the highest among all the cutting methods, and it is not high one. Little, use and maintenance costs are also quite high, cutting materials range. 

CNC water jet cutting machine (water knife for short), the general cutting thickness is less than 20mm, using high-pressure water jet and add abrasive (carborundum or garnet) cutting, the cutting material range is the most extensive, almost nothing can not be cut, The cost of equipment investment is second only to lasers, and the cost of use is also higher, because all abrasives are disposable, and they are discharged into nature once they are used. The resulting environmental pollution is also serious. 

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